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TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine

The TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine is a dynamic storage and retrieval system that boosts handling efficiency by up to 65%, and increases floor space capacity by up to 70%.

An ultra-fast, virtually noiseless, computer-controlled storage and transfer lift system, the TORNADO is designed to maximize storage on the smallest possible footprint. Using the goods-to-person principle it cuts operator walking and waiting times, reduces search time and picking errors making it highly- efficient and energy-saving.

The TORNADO UHD model uses a totally new way to determine independent safety zones inside the machine. The new roller guided compact load handling device, enables higher dynamic motion and tray switching at the opening without the need of an inner door.

The TORNADO lift system is highly customizable for specific operating environments and offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Up to 70% saving in floor space capacity
  • Up to 65% boost in handling efficiency
  • Fast and accurate picking with up to 99.9% stock-picking accuracy
  • Low power consumption & maintenance costs
  • Dedicated, easy-to-use Windows-based interface
  • Equipped with adaptable trays for additional efficiency
  • Light pointer to reduce errors
  • Additional openings for use on different floor levels
  • Easy and paperless order handling to optimize warehouse logistics
  • Fast tray switching on the UHD model
  • Two tray locations at the picking opening on the UHD model

Standard dimensions & ranges:

  • Volt: 400V 16A
  • Width: 2500mm – 4250mm
  • Height: 4000mm – 15,000mm
  • Depth: 2100mm – 4200mm
  • Tray load: 300kg / 400kg / 500kg

Safety & Control features:

  • Light curtain on openings prevents operators accessing the machine
  • Photo light-cells in the lift & LED lights in the opening
  • Emergency buttons on both sides of the opening
  • Height-measurement device
  • PC Windows platform with touch screen
  • TC1200 main control & TCPlus WMS system
  • FIFO mode
  • Manual drive & automatic (WMS) usage


  • Light pointer
  • In/Out feeder
  • Touch screen
  • Barcode readers
  • Label printers
  • IP camera
  • Remote support
  • Plexi-glass sides
  • WMS connection ERP

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