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Storage Machines

If you’re a warehouse or storage operative, you’ll know the importance of making every square meter count.

Our automatic storage systems can save you up to 70% on existing floor space, reduce picking errors by up to 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%.

Computer-controlled, the vertical or horizontal storage machines easily integrate with your existing warehouse management system, but also operate effectively as a standalone solution.

Can you afford not to improve the efficiency of your storage and picking process with an automated solution built around you?

What do you want to store?

Select your required system from the options below.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to contact us.

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TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine

The TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine is a dynamic storage and retrieval system that boosts handling efficiency by up to 65%, and increases floor space capacity by up to 70%.

Industrial Paternoster (IPN) Machine

Industrial Paternoster (IPN)

The Industrial Paternoster (IPN) Vertical Carousel saves time and money by optimizing picking processes and minimizing picking errors. It requires up to 75% less floor space compared to conventional warehousing solutions.

Horizontal Storage (HOCA) Machine

Horizontal Carousel (HOCA) Automated Storage Machine

The Horizontal Carousel (HOCA) Automated Storage Machine is a computer-controlled storage and transfer solution that significantly improves the efficiency of product storage and picking.

Tower Storage Machine

Tower Storage Machines

Tower Storage Machines are designed for storing and handling of various types of heavy goods, especially material made of metal.