Designed for maximum storage capacity and fast availability.

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Speedlock P90+ Pallet Racking

Speedlock P90+ Pallet Racking – a versatile solution for static and dynamic pallet storage. Designed for maximum storage capacity and fast availability, it ensures unrestricted access at all times.

Speedlock P90+ Pallet Racking is the most advanced adjustable pallet racking system on the market. Available up to 30 meters and in variable widths and depths, it meets European requirements and provides efficient, flexible solutions for every need.

An extensive range of accessories provides added flexibility, whether you’re using standard pallet storage or high-bay racks; drive-in racks, or narrow-aisle, high-bay racks.

Speedlock P90+ pallet racking offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Optimum customization – thanks to a range of widths, depths and heights.
  • High stability – with rack heights of up to 30 meters and maximum bay loads of more than 30 tons.
  • Extensive accessory range – with beams, angle supports and shelf bases, and a large number of safety features.
  • Future proofed – modular construction and variable bay sizes to meet changing requirements.

Standard Dimensions:

  • Depth: up to 2000mm
  • Length: up to 5000mm
  • Height: up to 30000mm


  • Load per Level: up to 5000kg
  • Load per Bay: up to 30000kg


  • Uprights: pre-galvanised
  • Beams: pre-galvanised or painted
  • Accessories: pre-galvanised or painted

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P90 Pallet Racking

P90 Pallet Racking System

Pallet racking can be easily configured in a variety of ways based on your needs and pallet load, to ensure a functional and logical warehouse storage solution for you.

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P90 Standard Wide Aisle Pallet Racking provides your warehousing teams with unrestricted access to all your pallets at all times.

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Mobile Racking (MOVO) is a dynamic solution providing up to double the storage capacity in the same area, of conventional pallet racking.

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If you’re storing large quantities of similar or identical goods, the P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking can free-up as much as 90% of existing floor space, compared to conventional pallet storage.

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Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Racking, or ‘Pallet Live Storage’ is ideal if you operate a First-in, First-out (FIFO) goods storage setup.

Multi-Tier Pallet Racking

Multi-Tier Pallet Racking

With Multi-tier Pallet Racking from Dexion, you can create manual pick-lanes for your teams at various levels, by providing walkways built into the pallet racking structure.

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Dexion Push-back Rollers – a dynamic storage solution based on the P90 Pallet Racking System and including wheel/roller conveyors.

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