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Multi-Tier Shelving

In the Hi280 Multi-Tier Shelving system, with an added mezzanine, bottom shelving supports the mezzanine floor, and heavy-duty uprights carry the loads from the floor above. Multi-tier installations are appropriate for larger warehouses for spare parts or where the storage of many items with low turnover is required.

The base of a multi-tier installation is the Hi280 shelving itself, made of .047 inches pre-galvanized steel. The relatively slim steel grid floor permits a second level versus other systems with a thicker floor. The uprights can be either full length, supporting both levels of shelves and the access walkway, or single, supporting the lower shelves and mezzanine with free-standing shelving units above.

The Hi208 Multi-Tier system costs substantially less than standard shelving on two-floor levels plus a mezzanine floor, since there is no need to purchase or install a separate floor. The total space can be used for storing and handling. Low-frequency articles are stored in higher located shelving positions while fast movers are located on the ground floor shelving. Due to possible high loads, installation includes stabilizing bracing, depending on the height.

Height: up to 590 inches ( 49 ft). Normal installation is over two or three levels including the ground floor. However, four floors have been created for some customers.

The warehouse building is often the limiting factor.

Loading capacity
The load capacity of the upper shelves is the same as the bottom shelves equal to 165 lbs – 881 lbs. However, multi-tier structures require careful calculation to ensure safety.

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Hi280 Shelving System

The Hi280 shelving system is manufactured from pre-galvanized steel on a fully automated production line for high and consistent quality.

Warehouse Shelving System

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The Hi280 Standard Shelving system’s applications are vast. You can build it as a traditional shelving system; a high-rise installation, or a multi-tier system.

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Combined with Compactus® mobile bases, it’s a mobile shelving solution ideal for small parts storage and handling.

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Medium Span Shelving

Hi280 Medium Span shelving or ‘Long Span shelving’ is perfect if you’re storing larger or heavier products across multiple pick-locations.

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