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Maxi Plastic Storage Bins & Containers

Maxi bins – perfect for small-item storage in your warehouse, workshop, store, office or van fleet. You can easily stack them for desk or assembly bench storage, or to form part of an integrated storage system.

Manufactured from high-grade polypropylene, means in addition to being both water- and oil-resistant, Maxi bins are extremely durable; standing up to continual use in a demanding work environment.

Sizes range from 0.4 liter – 21 liters and are available in four primary colors; Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

The bins incorporate:

  • An angled holder for easy reading of a barcode or other type of label
  • Quick fit, lock-in dividers to segment larger bins
  • A range of Maxi Hooks that can be clipped onto the louvered panels to store a variety of items, ranging from tools to drive belts.

Storage Bins
Maxi bins are available in:
0.4 L / 0.75 L / 2.1 L / 4.25 L / 7.2 L / 10.0 L / 21 L

Internal dividers are available for the five largest sizes.

Louvered Panels

Louvered panels are available 457mm wide and in four different lengths ranging from 457mm –1828mm.


Single or double pronged hooks ranging from 75mm –250mm in length.

  • 150mm double prong hook
  • 150mm single prong hook
  • 75mm hoop hook
  • 150mm long spigot
  • 250mm long spigot


Code Width
on shelf
depth of
1012 100 125 60 2.3 0.40
1017 100 175 85 4.5 0.75
1322 130 225 125 9.0 2.10
1830 185 300 145 13.0 4.25
1845 185 450 145 13.0 7.20
3730 370 300 145 18.0 10.0
4145 410 450 215 27.0 21.0

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