Anti-Collapse Mesh

Anti-collapse mesh attaches to the backend of your warehouse’s pallet racking and shelving to provide your operatives protection against any falling objects. It’s also great as fencing to warn and protect your teams against machinery or hazardous materials.

Anti-collapse metal mesh offers flexible protection for a variety of ambient warehousing situations, including environments where an unrestricted, free flow of air is required, such as chill stores and freezers.

Supplied with varying apertures to conform to health & safety regulations, anti-collapse mesh can be used upright at various depths to allow for pallet overhang. It’s also suited to where there is a greater potential risk from automated handling equipment or fork-lift trucks, as well as being used to secure a zoned-off area to protect against hazardous items.

The anti-collapse metal mesh offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Standard panels in varying widths and heights
  • Installed in a brickwork pattern for extra rigidity
  • Supported with configurable free-standing or rack-mounted posts
  • Sliding or swing doors as standard – with optional ‘automatic closure’
  • A range of locks compliant with insurance, and health & safety requirements
  • Various widths & heights to suit all warehousing requirements
  • Variety of apertures (including 25mm x 25mm for aerosol storage)
  • Painted or pre-galvanized finish

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Anti-Collapse Mesh

Pallet Accessories

If you’re looking for racking for your warehouse or storage facility that’s a little less ‘off-the-shelf’, Dexion are the team that can provide you with a truly tailor-made solution.

Wiremesh Decking

Wiremesh Decking

Dexion Wiremesh Decking & Shelving is designed to sit on your existing beams and act as a shelf. Light and easy to install.

P90 - Load and Assembly Sign

Load and Assembly Signs

Signage for loading and assembly instructions, which can be mounted on the racks.

P90 - Shelf Panel Galvanized Steel

Steel Shelf Panels

These panels are placed across BX-beams to provide a heavy-duty steel shelving surface for hand-loading.

P90 - Wooden Decking

Wooden Decking

Slatted softwood timber panels placed over the pallet racking beams to support small goods, damaged or undersized pallets.

P90 - Separation Bars

Horizontal Divider

Horizontal Dividers are made to order and customised to suit your products. For vertical standing goods in standard pallet racking.

P90 - Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers / Partition

Used to separate stored items and create smaller shelf locations by compartmentalising the storage level.

P90 - Pull Out Unit with Casters

Pull-Out Unit with Casters

Pull-out Unit which can be secured to the floor, with casters at the front, enabling floor level pallets to be pulled out.

P90 - Pull Out Unit Beam Mounting

Pull-Out Unit – Beam Mounting

The Pallet Pull-out Units makes it possible to move pallets back- and forward similar to drawers.

P90 - Sprinkler Bracket

Sprinkler Bracket

The rise in popularity of in-rack fire sprinklers has produced many benefits for warehouse safety.

P90 - Mesh Shelf Range

Wire Mesh Shelf

Mesh Decking/Shelving sits on the pallet racking beams and acts as a shelf.

P90 - Sign and Marking System

Sign and Marking Systems

The label system consist of information notice boards, aisle signs, labels and holders for marking of beams in pallet racking and shelving systems.

P90 - Half Pallet Support

Safety Insert

To support pallets 600 x 800 mm (= half EURO pallet) on box beams. Maximum load per kit = 1000kg

P90 - Grating Module

Grating Module

Grating modules are a heavier duty alternative option to other pallet rack decking components.

P90 - Cross Beam Pallet support bars

Cross Beam / Pallet Support

To support pallets in front-to-back direction directly on the beam (without front to back base boards).

P90 - Coil Cradle

Barrel Support / Chock

These parts are used for storage of barrels, drums and cable reels in the racks in a similar way as pallets.

P90 - Drum Cradle

Cable Reel Suspension

For storage of large cable reels or carpet rolls that are supported on an axle through their center to be stored in the rack.

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Pallet Racking Accessories


Our custom-designed systems come with a wide selection of safety and security accessories to complement and further customise your facility’s set-up.

Shelving Accessories

Shelving Accessories

Keeping up with the cut and thrust of warehouse operations.  Using your space as efficiently as possible.  Staying one step ahead of the latest regulations.

Cantilever Accessories

Cantilever Accessories

For the safe, organized storage of long and heavy goods, our made-to-measure Cantilever systems and accessories are your perfect fit.

Machines Accessories

Machines Accessories

For the vast majority of warehouse and storage facilities, efficiency and space savings are the order of the day, especially when every square foot can really make a difference.

Safety Accessories

Safety Accessories

All our storage solutions are manufactured to the highest quality and designed to stand the test of time, even in the most intense of operating environments.

Mezzanine Accessories

Mezzanine Accessories

Adding a mezzanine floor can dramatically increase your storage space.  It makes it possible to place shelving on the floor, which means extra storage space but how practical is it?