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Mezzanine Accessories

Adding a mezzanine floor can dramatically increase your storage space. It makes it possible to place shelving on the floor, which means extra storage space but how practical is it?

This becomes a possibility with our mezzanine accessories listed below.  A mezzanine floor can be provided with one or more staircases,  subject to local building and fire regulations. A goods lift is also possible.

Storage of pallets on a mezzanine floor is also possible. The floor can be provided with a pallet loading/marshaling area with a railing all around it. This can be a tilting gate, folding gate or simple chain, subject to local health and safety requirements.

Which accessories do you need?

Select the desired accessories from the options below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Accessories - Mezzanine Swing Pallet Gate

Folding Gate

The folding gate folds shut automatically with a concealed spring system and is therefore closed when a pallet is not present.

Accessories - Pallet Articulated Grating Plate

Swivel Articulated Gate

This is similar to the standard swivel pallet gate, but it requires less height. This is particularly useful in areas with restricted headroom.

Accessories - Standard Pallet Gate

Pallet Gate

To load the pallets safely to the mezzanine floor with mechanical handling equipment, this requires a pallet loading/marshalling area.

Accessories - Mezzanine Chained Pallet Loading Area

Chain Gate

Subject to local health and safety regulations, a chain can be a cost-effective solution for closing the gap at a pallet loading/marshalling area.

Accessories - Goods Lift

Goods Lift

A goods lift is very efficient for moving entire pallets or loose goods between levels.

Accessories - Mezzanine Stairs


Our stairs are designed to match the railings; they have a handrail on both sides and are very stable.

Accessories - Mezzanine Handrail

Hand Rail

For the safety of employees, a floor must be equipped with a hand rail.

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Mezzanine Accessories


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