Heavy Duty Cantilever – Steel Grating

Steel grating can be placed on the arms and bases to make the cantilever more flexible, allowing storage of pallets, awkward shaped goods and many others.

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Light Canitlever - Divider

Cantilever Accessories

For the safe, organized storage of long and heavy goods, our made-to-measure Cantilever systems and accessories are your perfect fit.

Cantilever - Steel Shelves

Steel Shelves

The Steel Shelves are available for all the standard arm lengths (by combining the two available dimensions) but only for 1000mm C/C distance between columns.

Cantilever - Roof

Cantilever Roof and Side and Back Cladding

A light weight roof and cladding can be added to protect the racking and goods from the elements.

Heavy Duty Cantilever - Fixed End Stopper

Fixed End Stopper

Welded end plates are used as a heavy duty solution for stopping the stored items from rolling off the rack.

Heavy Duty Cantilever - Removable End Stopper

Removable Round Stoppers

Preventing items from rolling off the end of the arm and can be removed for improved access to goods.

Cantilever - Mobile Base

Cantilever Mobile Bases

Cantilever racking can be mounted on mobile bases saving space while still allowing access to individual items.

Light Canitlever - Removable End Stopper

Removable End

Removable stoppers at the end of each arm to prevent goods falling down.

Light Canitlever - Divider


These removable dividers can help organise and store multiple items on one level.

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Mezzanine Accessories


Our custom-designed systems come with a wide selection of safety and security accessories to complement and further customise your facility’s set-up.

Pallet Racking Accessories

Pallet Racking Accessories

If you’re looking for racking for your warehouse or storage facility that’s a little less ‘off-the-shelf’, Dexion are the team that can provide you with a truly tailor-made solution.

Shelving Accessories

Shelving Accessories

Keeping up with the cut and thrust of warehouse operations.  Using your space as efficiently as possible.  Staying one step ahead of the latest regulations.

Machines Accessories

Machines Accessories

For the vast majority of warehouse and storage facilities, efficiency and space savings are the order of the day, especially when every square foot can really make a difference.

Safety Accessories

Safety Accessories

All our storage solutions are manufactured to the highest quality and designed to stand the test of time, even in the most intense of operating environments.

Mezzanine Accessories

Mezzanine Accessories

Adding a mezzanine floor can dramatically increase your storage space.  It makes it possible to place shelving on the floor, which means extra storage space but how practical is it?