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About Us

Dexion is part of Gonvarri Material Handling, a leading European provider of storage products and solutions. Dexion’s offerings are now available throughout North America by DexionCanada and DexionUSA.

Dexion was originally founded in the late 1940s London by Demetrius Comino, who revolutionized adjustable shelving and other forms of racking and storage. To learn more of our history, click here.

Today Dexion’s products range from innovative pallet racking and shelving technology to office and archive storage. Using our extensive experience and expertise, we work with our customers to provide the very best storage solutions for their needs.

We deliver more than products alone. Our services include consultancy, planning and maintenance for requirements from complete warehouses or distribution centers to shelving solutions for retail, manufacturing and automotive industries.

Whatever your needs, Dexion can help improve your business operations, as well as employee safety, by providing an effective and cost-effective storage environment.

Dexion has a strong presence throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North and South America.

Find out more about Dexion products and solutions.